Welcome to Cool Tie Dye, and Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with your Alumni group!
My name is Andrea, and I am the owner of Cool Tie Dye.  My family and I live in Westerville, Ohio.  Our OSU themed tie-dyes are licensed with The Ohio State University.  I have been tie-dyeing just over 22 years and have passed this skill on to my family.  My family and I have folded, tied and hand dyed each one of these in the true craft of tie-dye. We even apply our own crystals or transfer embellishments. Our licensing agreement with Ohio State is limited so that we cannot do wholesale to stores, and so you will not find our items in any sports stores. We sell these Cool Tie Dyes at craft shows and festivals around Ohio, and then down on Lane Avenue throughout the day at home football games. 
Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy our Cool Tie Dyes!
Andrea Wei