is your place to get information on contacting Andrea Wei with questions about her small business called Cool Tie Dye. This website is a quick reference for you, if you need to order a shirt, or just ask a question.

Looking for Ohio State, or Buckeye, Tie Dye? CoolTieDye sells the cool Block O shirt! CoolTieDye is licensed with The Ohio State University to make it's Block O and Buckeye Tie Dye designs. Please Email us for more information, and remember, if you want to get a really great OSU Tie Dye, always buy a CoolTieDye! We make them all right here in Central Ohio.

Again for 2015...You can stop by our year-round shirts display at the Worthington Crafters Guild store, called Pizazz. We will have a limited selection of our shirts for sale at the Guild store. Please click here for more information.

If you need to make an exchange, you will just need to keep our original CoolTieDye tags on the shirt. Please call Andrea for more details at 614-282-8809.

Cool Tie Dye is a small business with a primary focus on women fashions, but also is a place you can find fun shirts and gift items for just about anyone you know. Bringing together great shirts and clothing, a quality dyeing process, and both beautiful and fun designs, Cool Tie Dye is your place to find unique and expressive clothing.

When you are looking for a great Tie-Dye, always get a Cool Tie Dye!


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